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I am a digital artist, illustrator, writer, and designer. As an artist and proven project manager, I enjoy diving into a new project. Request a quote today and let me help you with your next project.


Device Backgrounds

Device backgrounds can be custom designed to suit any size cell phone, tablet, or computer. Have an image in mind? I can work with concepts to fully realize them into a real image.


Quality logo design and brand identity help to keep your customers aware of who you are and what you offer them. I can design images for your PowerPoint presentations, slide masters, or create standardized letterhead. The possibilities are endless.

Digital Paintings

I enjoy digitally painting all sorts of subjects including lush forests, towering castles, or fantasy worlds.  Any painting can be customized to fit your requirements and exported to any format (.jpg, .png, or .psd).

Product or Clothing Designs

Customized  products such as T-Shirts and mugs are a great way to share your image or brand.  They can also make great gifts.

Character Design

Do  you have a character that you need designed for a poster, book, or advertisement? I can take your concept and bring it to life as a digital painting or other medium depending on the requirements. Conceptual sketches would be included as well.

Even More

If you have questions, want some additional information, or are ready to get started on a project, use my contact form and I will get back with your right away.

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The Valentine’s Pool A Pre-Valentine Design

Valentine’s Pool The Valentine’s Pool is a heart shaped pond deep in the woods that crackles alive with magic once a year to grant a single wish to the worthy of heart.
By : Jeff hunt | Jan 1, 2018

New Logo Design For 2018 – Soliciting Your Feedback Now!

New Logo Design 2018 New Year – New Logo! It is almost 2018 and I want to start off the new year with a new Logo. 2017 was a great year and
By : Jeff hunt | Dec 28, 2017

Wyntr’s War! Read About My New Character

Wyntr’s War! Wyntr is my latest character creation. He is the main character of a book that I writing and illustrating called Wyntr’s War. Wyntr is a snowman created by a young
By : Jeff hunt | Dec 22, 2017

My Snowman Story – Your Feedback Requested Please

My Snowman Story My Snowman story, War With WYNTR, is currently in production. The story is about the bond a child forms with the creations that they create from the snow, their
By : Jeff hunt | Dec 21, 2017

War with Winter – Are You Ready?

War with Winter. Are you ready? The air is freezing cold and the ice of the night is biting at your nose. Despite the warmest of warm clothes you have on, the wind just blows through you with a torrent of discomfort and chill. You walk and you walk but your legs are numb with cold and the blood moves so much slower causing you to be almost paralyzed by the weather. Can you make it home you wonder? Why can't you feel your fingers or toes? You know you have to so you force yourself to stop thinking about the pain the outdoors is causing you to endure so you take one look at your final destination in the distance, grit your teeth, and force march your way back home. This is war.
By : Jeff hunt | Dec 20, 2017

Best of 2017

The year is almost over and I wanted to share my best designs I was inspired to create throughout the year.
By : Jeff hunt | Dec 10, 2017

Christmas Lights Around Town

Christmas Lights Around Town! Christmas lights around town everywhere you look. They glowing in the night as they reflect off of houses and trees and anything else the lights attract. Walking through
By : Jeff hunt | Dec 8, 2017

Snowy Peak Overlooking a Mountain

Snowy Peak Snowy peak on a very cold day on top of a mountain overlooks a valley below. Grass pokes its way through the snowy layer that has started to accumulate. The
By : Jeff hunt | Nov 21, 2017