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Welcome to J Hunt GRAPHIX. I am vey glad that you stopped by. This is a one stop for all of your design needs. Be sure to check out my about page. Here you will read about me and what I am about. After that, be sure to take a look at the Instagram feed. You will see all of my latest illustrations and pictures that I post on Instagram so you can see what types of designs I make. If you can dream it up, I can probably bring it to life.

Be sure to take a look at the Graphix Blog. This is where I talk about my inspirations and share my designs with the world. You will find some tutorials that I do for those out there that are just starting into digital art. It is also a great place to share conversation. Have I got you interested yet? Well, then make sure to request a quote if you would like something created. I will give you a full breakdown of any charges required to give your design the look you want it to have.

Lastly, please do not forget to check out the Graphix Store. This is my favorite place to be where I turn my designs into products such as shirts, hats, coffee cups, and more.

Would you like to read about my inspiration and how I dream my designs up? Check out the Concept Art Idea Book. It is available on Amazon in both E-Book and hardcopy formats.

What I Do

Device Backgrounds

Device backgrounds can be custom designed to suit any size cell phone, tablet, or computer. Have an image in mind? I can work with concepts to fully realize them into a real image.


Quality logo design and brand identity help to keep your customers aware of who you are and what you offer them. I can design images for your PowerPoint presentations, slide masters, or create standardized letterhead. The possibilities are endless.

Digital Paintings

I enjoy digitally painting all sorts of subjects including lush forests, towering castles, or fantasy worlds.  Any painting can be customized to fit your requirements and exported to any format (.jpg, .png, or .psd).

Product or Clothing Designs

Customized  products such as T-Shirts and mugs are a great way to share your image or brand.  They can also make great gifts.

Character Design

Do  you have a character that you need designed for a poster, book, or advertisement? I can take your concept and bring it to life as a digital painting or other medium depending on the requirements. Conceptual sketches would be included as well.

Even More

If you have questions, want some additional information, or are ready to get started on a project, use my contact form and I will get back with your right away.

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Design Services Pricing

Basic Designs
50% Due To Start
Basic Design

Custom design in any format (.jpg, .png, etc)

Free modifications

Book and Illustration Designs
50% Due To Start
Book and illustration Design

Custom Design

Custom Text Design

Custom Product Design
50% Due To Start
Superior Designs

Custom Design

Product Design